Electric Swing Reach Forklift - Hyster, Model R30CH (Portland, OR) SOLD 2018

Sold Equipment
Electric Swing Reach Forklift Manufacturer: Hyster Model: R30CH Attachment: Forks Battery Voltage: 36 Amp Hour Capacity: 1,080 Battery Weight: ...Min.: 2,500 lb. ...Max.: 3,400 lb. Approximate Truck Weight: ...With Max. Battery: 14,510 lb. ...Without Battery: 11,110 lb. Load Wheel Tread Width: 58" Wheel Base: 75.5" Maximum Load: 2000 lb. Maximum Load Height: 315" Maximum Load Center: 24" Hawker Powersource Battery Specifications: Type: 18-125-17 6 Hour Capacity: 1,000 A.H. Nominal Voltage: 35 Finish Rate: 60 Amps Specific Gravity: 127C-128C Service Weight: 2,787 lb. C&D Ranger II Battery Charger Specifications: Model: FR18HK850E Volts: 36 Amps: 155 Cells: 18 8 Hour Rated Capacity: 180 LA AH 12 Hour Rated Capacity: 851 to 1,275 AH Volts: 208 / 240 / 480 AMPS: 23 /20 /10 Phase: 3 Hertz: 60 Recm. Line Fuses: 35 / 35 / 10 Equipment is currently UNDER power; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase. Buyer to verify all specifications and options of equipment prior to purchase. The equipment is authentically represented. The Seller disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, of the year, model, hour reading, guarantee of merchantability or fitness of the equipment; the goods are sold in an "As Is, Where Is" condition. The seller warrants that the goods are free and clear of all liens, indebtedness, or liabilities. SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND AVAILABILITY AT TIME OF INQUIRY.