ESAB Oxy-Fuel Burn Table w/ Burny Phantom Controls (Portland, OR) SOLD 2021

Sold Equipment
ESAB Burn Table w/ Burny Phantom Controls Manufacturer: ESAB (Fort Collins, CO) Model: GXA-800 Date of Manufacture: 2/22/88 Electrical Input (ESAB Gantry): 120 / 1 / 60 Burny Phantom Electrical: 115-230 / 50-60 Cycle Features and Specifications: …Five (5) Torches: Oxy Fuel …No Auto Height Control …External Water-Cooling Sleeves for Tips …Plate Size: 240” x 96” …Downdraft Burn Table Design …Controls: Burny Phantom ……Year: Circa 2013 ……Part No.: MNT-13240 ……Serial No.: 634043-xxxx ……Memory: 32 Gig (confirmation required) …Nesting Software: Sigma Nest …LAN, Thumb Drive, Wi-Fi Connections Overall Machine Dimensions (as measured): 36’ x 12’ Burning Table Dimensions: 25’ x 8.5’ Machine Weight (estimated): 10,000 lbs. Functionality Notes: Machine is under power and making production parts. See included pics of burned parts from recent production run. Current owner burning 1.5” – 2” thick plate; has burned up to 4” thick plate. Machine has been well maintained and is in excellent shape. Burny Phantom controls were upgraded and added around 2012-2013; serial numbers for controls and table available for serious inquiry. Sigma Nest is used to develop plate nesting burning programs. EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Portland, OR Metro Area CALL FOR DETAILS! WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS! Presently under power; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Seller will load onto Buyer’s transportation. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase.