Cincinnati Mechanical Shear - 72" x 1/2" (Portland, OR) SOLD 2022

Sold Equipment
Cincinnati Shear OEM: Cincinnati Shaper Company (Cincinnati, OH) Year: 1942-43 Shear Series: 4306R Electrics: 240-480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle Main Motor: 15 HP / 1760 RPM Features and Specifications: ...Shearing Capacity: 6' x 1/2" ...Distance Between Housings: 75" ...Speed: 40 SPM ...Flywheel RPM: 800 ...Front Gauge Range: 47-1/2" ...Back Gauge Range: 36" ...Hold Down to Knife Edge: 1" ...Space Under Hold Downs: 1-1/2" ...Number of Hold Downs: 7 ...Total Hold Down Pressure: 12 Tons ...Floor - Top Plate: 31-1/2" ...Rake (shear angle taper per foot): 3/8" ...Ram Adjustment: 13/16" ...Size, 4-Edge Knives: 1-1/8" x 5" ...Length of Knives: 76" (6'-4") ...Throat: 24" ...Extra Blades ...Manual ** Specifications taken from owner and operator interview, manuals, OEM research. While specifications are assumed accurate, confirmation by purchasing entity is always recommended. Machine Dimensions (measured): 126" x 82" x 80" Machine Weight (estimated): 28,000 lbs. Functionality Notes: Interview with owner; doesn't know how many owners prior to him. Purchased from a neighbor in Portland in 1995. Was utilizing in shop up until 1 year ago, 2020; machine was a good runner for him. Operator interviewed said he ran machine for years, he loved it, hates to see it go. Says it did a great job for him. Owner down-sizing, almost 80, looking to retire. Disassembled, moved to storage in Portland, OR. Equipment is presently stored at a rigging yard; therefore, loading fee will be minimal. CALL FOR DETAILS, SCHEDULE INSPECTION SELLER MOTIVATED TO MOVE EQUIPMENT $4,500 LISTING PRICE IS STARTING POINT WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Portland, OR Equipment is NOT under power; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for loading expenses onto their transportation. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.