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Chain Hoists w/ Pendants, Chain Ingersoll-Rand STILL AVAILABLE AS OF 10/1/21 ...Model - QCH50 - 1ND50E20 - 16 -4C ...Quantity - 10 (approximately) Demag Cranes & Components  SOLD ...Model - DC-COM 5-500 1/1 H8 V5.4/1.3 ...Quantity - 4 (2 are brand new, still in box - see pics) Capacities: ½ Ton / 500 KG (1,100 lbs.) Speeds: 4 Feet / Minute Electrics: Both brands are 440-480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Cycle They all come with the pendants and the chains. Condition: All these units are like new; a few were hung but barely used. Year: All these hoists were purchased new in 2010. See pictures for specification information. Listed pricing is PER HOIST. Available as singles or batches. NOTE: The remaining four (4) Demag Hoists have been sold as of 10/1/2021; only the IR Models remain for sale. Hoists are currently not connected; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Seller will load onto Buyer's transportation. I have the ability to deliver; delivery fee dependent on distance and time required. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase.

Chain Hoists - IR - ½ Ton (Vancouver, WA)

Chain Hoists - IR - ½ Ton (Vancouver, WA)
Material Handling