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CNC Tapping Center OEM: Brother Model: TC-S2A-0 / Serial No.: 111xxx Year of Manufacture: 2000 Electrics: 230 Volt / 3 Phase / 50-60 Cycle Spindle Motor: 7.0 KVA (7.5 HP) Features and Specifications: ...Spindle Speed: 16,000 RPM ...Travels: ......X - 700 mm (27.56") ......Y - 360 mm (14.17") ......Z - 270 mm (10.63") ...Spindle Taper: 30 ...Axis: 3 ...Rapid Traverse Feedrates: ......XYZ Area: 36 m/min x 35 m/min x 50 m/min ...ATC: 14 Slots ...Manuals Specifications taken from 1st-hand inspection, owner interview, manuals, and OEM research. While specifications are assumed accurate, confirmation by purchasing entity is always recommended. Overall Equipment Required Floorspace (OEM Spec): 77" x 105" Overall Equipment Weight (approx.): 4,000 lbs. Functionality Notes: This machine is presently being used as a "single tool" machine because the carousel will not index. The OEM technical representative and the owner's maintenance have tried to fix with no success. Other than this one point, machine is functional and a good runner. Present owner purchased the machine new in 2000. Presently under power, available for inspection. See attached pictures of machine manual to review machine capacities. CALL FOR DETAILS, SCHEDULE INSPECTION WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Portland, OR Metro Area Equipment is under power; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.

Brother TC-S2A-0 CNC Tapping Center - 2000 (Portland, OR Metro Area)

Brother TC-S2A-0 CNC Tapping Center - 2000 (Portland, OR Metro Area)
Drilling & Tapping