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6.42 HS-5.2 HYDROBAR
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LNS Hydrobar Feeder – 6.42 HS-5.2 Hydraulic Manual Load Bar Feeder Manufacturer: LNS Model: 6.42 HS-5.2 Hydrobar Serial No.: 34553 Date of Manufacture: 1992 Specifications and Features: …Bar Diameter Range: 0.5″ – 1.625" …Max. Bar Length: 12′ …Number of Tubes: 6 …Rotating Six (6) Tubes ...Model Type Tube Sizes: 44-40-34-27-21-14 ...Drive: Hydraulic Pressure ...Guiding: Hydrodynamic ...Tool Changeover: 1 minute ...Hydraulic Reservoir: 45 Gallons ...Communication and Electrical Cables ...Support Stands (2) ...Manual Equipment Dimensions (as measured): 212" x 30" x 60" Equipment Weight (estimated): 1,500 lbs. Functionality Notes: The feeder was purchased with a lathe that we installed for production in our own shop. It came from one of my regular accounts in Idaho. To the best of my knowledge it is 100% operational; although, MD Equipment Services has not seen this feeder in operation. Per OEM brochure, the Super Hydrobar HS is a manual bar feeder for small and medium production runs. The diameter range is designed for camshaft controlled screw machines and Swiss-style CNC machines. The Hydrobar HS offers maximum flexibility in turning applications. The hydrodynamic support in totally enclosed guide tubes provides high performance with high reliability. EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Salem, OR OWNER READY TO MOVE! OPEN TO OFFERS! Equipment is currently NOT connected; available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics, costs, and liabilities. Seller agrees to load onto Buyer's transportation. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or review purchase details.

LNS Super Hydrobar HS Bar Feeder - 1992 (Salem, OR)

LNS Super Hydrobar HS Bar Feeder - 1992 (Salem, OR)