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Packaging Machine Type: UV Sealer OEM: Partner Pak Incorporated (Huntington Beach, CA) Model: Fusion-12 Serial No.: 1029-0104 Electrics: 230 Volt / 1 Phase / 60 Cycle / 45 Amps Features and Specifications: ...(2) P300MT Power Supply ...Continuous Feed Thru Conveyor ...Hooded Seal Section: 48" ...Conveyor Width: 12" Overall Equipment Dimensions (as measured): 120" x 36" x 48" Overall Equipment Weight (est.): 950 lbs. Specifications taken from 1st-hand inspection, owner interview, and OEM research. While specifications are assumed accurate, confirmation by purchasing entity is always recommended. Functionality Notes: We know little about this machine. Searched the net thoroughly. Evidently, the company was purchased and is now in Poland; CA number is disconnected. Could not find any of this model no. and the few units found, while similar, differed in dimensions and controls. MD Equipment Services has this unit in their Salem, OR warehouse. We have it on consignment from a good account who maintains it was working when disconnected a couple of years ago. We have not put it under power or seen it in operation. CALL FOR DETAILS, SCHEDULE INSPECTION WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Salem, OR Equipment is not under power; available for inspection. Seller agrees to load unit onto Buyer's transportation. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.

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UV Sealing Packaging Machine
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