Amada Multi-Axis CNC Robotic Braking Cell - 1999 (Hillsboro, OR) SOLD 2018

Sold Equipment
Press Brake Year: 1999 Manufacturer: Amada Model: Astro 100MH Control: AMNC RML 39BM Capacity: ...Tonnage: 125 Tons ...Bed Length: 118.1" ...Dist. Between Housings: 106.3" ...Stroke (up): 5.9" ...Open Height: 16.5" ...Throat Depth: 15.7" Travels and Speeds: ...X-Axis: 121.2 Inches & 70.8 in/sec ...Y-Axis: 52 Degrees & 80 degrees/sec ...Z-Axis: 30.3 inches & 51.1 in/sec ...A-Axis: 245 Degrees & 300 degrees/sec ...B-Axis: 360 Degrees & 300 degrees/sec Bending Cap. ...Robot Max Blank Size: 31.5" x 39.5" ...Robot Min Blank Size: 6" x 6" ...Part Weight: 33 lbs. ...Max Bending Length: 121" Equipped With: ...AMNC RML 39BM Control ...Arm Stand ...Load Unload Robot ERX-1210 ...Bend Robot 5-Axes ...Material Handling Robot 6-Axes ...Support For Oversized Parts Comments: ...Up acting ...Machine is currently disassembled and in storage Machine is not under power; machine is in storage and available for inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Seller will load onto Buyer's transportation; Rigging and Loading expenses are included in this price. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection, pickup, or purchase. Buyer to verify all specifications and options of equipment prior to purchase. The equipment is authentically represented. The Seller disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, of the year, model, hour reading, guarantee of merchantability or fitness of the equipment; the goods are sold in an "As Is, Where Is" condition. The seller warrants that the goods are free and clear of all liens, indebtedness, or liabilities. SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND EQUIPMENT AVAILABILITY AT TIME OF INQUIRY