Hyd-Mech Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw (Portland, OR) SOLD 2022

Sold Equipment
Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Manufacturer: Hyd-Mech Model: M-20P (M is for Mitering; P is for Semi-Auto) Serial No.: T010XXXX (available for serious inquiry) Date of Manufacture: January 2001 Electrics: 480 Volt / 60 Cycle / 3 Phase / 18.9 FLA Power: 10 HP Main Motor VFD / 3 HP Hydraulic Motor Features and Specifications: …Capacities: ……@ 90 Degrees: 20” x 30” Rectangular / 20” Rounds ……@ 45 Degrees: 20” x 19” Rectangular / 20” Rounds ……@ 30 Degrees: 20” x 12” Rectangular / 14” Rounds …Blade Size: 1-1/2” …Blade Drive: 10 HP Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) …Blade Speed: 50 – 350 SFM …Index Length: 33” …Full Capacity, Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises …Hydraulic Positive Down Feed …Adjustable Down Feed Speed …Cast Iron Band Wheels …Automatic PLC Control Programmable up to 99 Jobs …Replaceable Blade Brush …Automatic Chip Removal Auger …Blade Breakage Switch …Flood Coolant …Work Light …Coolant Tank: 9 Gallons …Work Load: 8,000 lbs. Overall Machine Dimensions (measured): 129” x 90” x 110” Machine Weight (approximate): 7,700 lbs. Specifications taken from 1st-hand inspection, owner interview, OEM manual, and verbal discussion with OEM Service Group. While specifications and features are assumed to be accurate, a purchasing entity should always confirm. Functional Notes: This saw was used up until April 2022; replaced by a new machine. This is a 1st-owner machine. The machine has been being used in manual mode for a long time. The limit switch that triggers saw blade back to home after making a cut requires replacement. The automatic control pad that keeps recipes for saw profiles has never been used by the owner. They are unsure if this feature works. The owner did get a quotation of $1,200 from OEM for replacing the control pad and restoring its functions. The hydraulic clamping works well in X and Y. The present owner was able to cut bundles of material; they liked this function. This machine has been a workhorse for the owner over the last 20 years. The OEM service department told me on phone this machine is voltage specific. If you wish to change to 240 Volt, the motor can be tapped for that voltage since it is a dual-voltage motor. However, a new VFD, fuses, and overloads for motor heater will require purchase and installation to complete the transition to the lower voltage. This model is still manufactured by the OEM. They did confirm to me that parts are interchangeable with newer models. Parts and service are available for all age models. SELLER READY TO MOVE EQUIPMENT CALL FOR DETAILS, SCHEDULE INSPECTION WE ARE OPEN TO OFFERS EQUIPMENT LOCATION: Portland, OR Equipment is available for inspection. Seller agrees to load machine onto Buyer's transportation. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Contact MD Equipment Services LLC to schedule inspection or arrange purchase details.